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Welcome to Geiman Law, LLC, a Cincinnati-based law firm that specializes in providing exceptional legal services in the areas of Criminal Defense, Traffic, DUI, and White Collar. Attorney Geiman has extensive experience in Criminal Law, having seen the criminal justice system from every angle. Having served as a law clerk, public defender, felony prosecutor and assistant attorney general. His vast experience has provided exceptional skill and insight into the Criminal Justice system that has positioned our firm into delivering the best possible representation to our clients. By choosing Geiman Law, you will receive a firm that is committed to providing the highest level of representation and client satisfaction.

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Comprehensive Legal Services

We are a full service Criminal Defense Law Firm. No matter what stage your case is at, or what you are charged with, we’re here to help! Geiman Law offers comprehensive legal support to meet your specific needs, backed by our in-depth knowledge of the law and commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Personalized Approach

We understand that every legal matter is unique, which is why we take a personalized approach to each case. We work closely with you to understand your goals, explain your legal options, and develop client tailored strategies, in order to get you the best outcome possible.

Transparent and Affordable Billing

Geiman Law believes that everyone is entitled to a great defense. Which is why we offer transparent flat rate pricing, as well as payment plans. Simply put the price we quote is the price you will pay. We understand that legal fees can get expensive, and believe you deserve to know exactly how much our services will cost you.

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DUI/OVI Defense

When you're confronted with DUI or criminal charges, it can feel like the weight of the world is bearing down on you. Your family, future, and finances are on the line, and it may seem like there's no way out. At Geiman Law, we understand your emotions: fear, confusion, and uncertainty. Wondering how you ended up in this situation and, more importantly, how to navigate your way out of it. Remember, you do have options – let's explore them together.

After an arrest or citation, you might be unsure of your next move. In the case of a DUI/OVI charge, you might hear conflicting information about engaging with the prosecutor. It's crucial to grasp the reality of the situation. The American legal system is adversarial, emphasizing the need for a skilled defense attorney to advocate for the best possible outcome in your case. The stakes are high, so it's essential not to risk inadequate representation.

You have questions that demand answers promptly, as your future hangs in the balance. Will you need to appear in court? Could your driver's license be revoked? What if it's your first offense? Second offense? How does being a CDL driver impact the situation? What are your rights, and who will fight for you?

At Geiman Law, we'll stand by you every step of the way. From the moment you reach out to us, we begin fighting for you, committed to your defense even after your trial concludes.

Don't hesitate to reach out. Life can change in an instant. If you're pulled over after consuming alcohol, what steps should you take? Call Geiman Law. We understand how swiftly circumstances can shift and aim to assist you immediately, even in the aftermath of being pulled over. We can provide guidance during this critical moment. Should you consent to field sobriety tests? What if you've only had one drink? Are you obliged to undergo a breathalyzer test? Were your Miranda rights read to you? Are you facing potential jail time?

These are all valid concerns following a traffic stop, and Geiman Law is here to address them, even at the scene.

Criminal Defense

When it comes to criminal litigation, the stakes are high, and your choice of legal representation significantly affects your success rate. If you're facing criminal charges and need a criminal defense attorney in Cincinnati, Geiman Law is here to help.

Attorney Geiman brings a wealth of experience, offering a unique perspective to your criminal case. Our firm values people above all else, treating every client with the utmost respect and dignity. We take pride in providing tailored services, listening to your story, understanding your case details, and customizing strategies to meet your specific needs, striving for the best possible outcomes.

Our initial step involves verifying the lawfulness of your arrest. Sometimes, arrests lack merit or essential evidence. We meticulously examine the circumstances of your arrest to confirm its legality and the State's justification for arresting you. If we identify any constitutional violations, we can file various motions, such as a motion to suppress evidence, a motion in limine, or possibly a motion to dismiss the case.

Furthermore, we scrutinize the evidence to check for any infringements of your rights. By reviewing your case, we assess how law enforcement and others handled your arrest, searches, and interrogations. If any rights violations are uncovered, we will seek to suppress evidence and potentially dismiss your charges.

Thoroughly verifying the lawfulness of your arrest and upholding your rights can alter the course of your case. If we find evidence that can be suppressed, we will use it to challenge the prosecution's case, casting doubt on its validity and improving your chances of a positive outcome.

Traffic Offenses

If you have received a ticket or face a motor vehicle-related crime, the repercussions can be severe. Possible outcomes include losing your driving privileges, potential incarceration, and various other repercussions that can disrupt your life, career, and well-being.

Benefits of Hiring a Skilled Attorney:

Many individuals may consider simply paying the ticket when dealing with tickets, but this decision can have long-term effects. A skilled traffic offense attorney can assist by:

Reviewing the ticket or charges and outlining your legal choices

Advocating for case dismissal

Identifying errors or evidence matters that can sway a judge or prosecutor in your favor

Fighting to prevent an automatic license suspension through an ALS hearing

Providing representation in court if required

Conviction for a traffic offense can lead to numerous outcomes, depending on the offense:

Points on your driving record: Accumulating 12 points in two years can lead to a license suspension.

Incarceration: Some offenses can result in jail time, ranging from misdemeanor offenses to first-degree felonies.

Criminal record: Serious offenses can result in a lasting criminal record; consider consulting an expungement attorney.

Fines: Fines can accumulate to substantial amounts.

Loss of driving privileges: Certain offenses may lead to automatic suspension and a separate ALS hearing.

Increased auto insurance premiums: Expect higher insurance rates after any traffic violation or accident.

Financial penalties: Additional costs may include restitution, ignition interlock device installation, and mandatory drug and alcohol testing.

Job loss: Conviction could lead to job loss or hinder future employment opportunities.

White Collar Crimes

Financial crimes, commonly known as "white collar" crimes, encompass a range of offenses related to identity, money, or insurance. While high-profile cases often involve top executives in large corporations, many individuals facing financial crime charges may be unaware of their connection to the crime. Despite this, courts impose severe penalties consistently, regardless of the level of involvement. If you suspect you have been wrongly accused of a financial crime, it is crucial to have a trusted Cincinnati defense attorney who can grasp the prosecution's tactics and vigorously defend your case.

Record Sealing or Expungement

When discussing a person's defense, we often concentrate on the statutory penalties of a crime. However, it's crucial to recognize the numerous post-conviction consequences that individuals in Ohio may encounter after being convicted of a criminal offense. These consequences can limit their employment and housing options upon release and create challenges for pursuing higher education or obtaining a professional license.

With these challenges in mind, the burden of a criminal past may seem never-ending due to a public record. Thankfully, Ohio provides options for eligible offenders. If you meet the criteria, you might qualify to "seal" your criminal record. Sealing a record removes it from public access, shielding it from most employers and educational institutions.

While record sealing is an option in Ohio, it's not universally available to all convicted individuals. Consulting an experienced criminal defense attorney is essential to determine your eligibility for record sealing.

Understanding the stress of living with a conviction on your record, we are committed to assisting you in moving forward. Geiman Law is here to support you in creating a brighter future without the weight of your past.

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